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Red Room Poetry, in collaboration with Cairns Tropical Writers Festival and Australian Poetry is bringing New Shoots to Cairns Botanic Gardens.



NEW SHOOTS: Poetry tour of the Cairns Botanic Gardens (FREE EVENT)

12 June, 1.30pm
As part of Cairns Tropical Writers Festival: Join poet Sarah Holland-Batt and the Friends of the Cairns Botanic Gardens team. Enjoy the walking tour and poetry readings inspired by the local tropical biodiversity.

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Workshop: Poetry masterclass with Sarah Holland-Batt

On 3 June, Sarah Holland-Batt facilitated a workshop in the tropical grounds of the Cairns Botanic Gardens. She guided participants in writing poetry inspired by plants, flowers, gardens, and the environment.

Through a blend of practical exercises and editorial feedback and suggestions in a supportive setting, participants wrote poetry that is attuned to the natural world and their place within it, gaining an appreciation of poetic techniques and forms.


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