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Now it
is home we can spend
time together.

~ from The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay

As the world is re-shaped by COVID-19, we look for new ways to connect and create poetry with our communities. Panacea is a participatory poetry experiment created in collaboration with Benjamin Laird. Panacea is a canape/a paen/a pecan/a cape/a nape/a nap/a pen. It does not attempt to transmute metal into gold.

Through the alchemy of coding and your collective responses – creating seven-word poems – Panacea branches out into the possibility of connectivity in a world increasingly at odds with itself.


Add your line

We invite you to add a 7–49 character poetic line by responding to a previous line, all originating from the source prompt: Now it is home, we can…

Add your line by hovering your mouse over any existing line. If the line turns red, you'll be able to select it and bring up the submission form. As many as seven lines may be added to an existing line to complete it. 

Footnote: Panacea builds on the WHITBOAM chain poetry project by Canadian poet, Sachiko Murakami and Benjamin’s body of work.

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