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Download the Poetry Object 2018 Learning Resource

This free and dynamic learning resource contains creative activities, poetic prompts, curriculum links and a collection of special objects and commissioned poems from professional poets. Happy writing!

You can also explore our collection of Red Room Poetry Object resources from previous years. These resources introduce your students to the world of Poetry Object and aid in NAPLAN preparation. Mix and match activities below to suit your classroom needs:


Online Reading


Powerpoint presentations

Project these in the classroom, alongside (or instead of) a print-out of the learning resource.

  • Full version
    Featuring poetic activities, museum-contributed objects and commissioned poems
  • Quick version
    Featuring poetic activities only


Individual activities and information pages

These pages are also found within the full 2018 resource.

  • Guide to school installations
    Use this to inspire your poetic gallery or exhibition, and enter our School Installation prize category.
  • What makes a special object? 
    Read about objects that are special or talismanic, and how to choose the right object for your poem.
  • Pre-writing prompts
    Activities to get your creative mind whirring, so that you will be ready to write poetry.
  • Overcoming cliché
    What is a cliché and why should we avoid it in our writing? This exercise will help you find wordings that are strong and unique.
  • Block-out poetry
    A creative activity that 'remixes' a pre-existing text to create something new! 
  • Activities inspired by commissioned poems
    How did the commissioned poems come into being? Use these activities to inspire your own poetry, based on styles and techniques used by the poets in the 2018 learning resource.
  • NAPLAN extensions
    To help you bring poetry to the demands of NAPLAN.
  • Final poem template
    Use this to create your final Poetry Object poem, ready to submit!


Dive deeper

These activites are suited for extensions on the full 2018 resource.


Poems to Share II

Poems to Share ll is created by Red Room Poetry in partnership with the Australian Association for the Teaching of English (AATE). It follows Poems to Share I (2010) and features new poems and activities. Poems to Share II was launched at the AATE/ALEA National Conference (July 2018).

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