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The cold bite of a concrete garden
I plug myself in, drifting away from the now
Who are the ones who live?

~ from 'The City' by St Andrew’s Cathedral School students, Year 9 collaborative poem 

Poetry on The Block brings poetry to the streets in a project supported by the City of Sydney. Sparked by lived experiences of the city, new poems are being created by poets and inner-city school students to appear as part of the City's Creative Hoardings program.
Through a series of city-themed workshops at St Andrew’s Cathedral School, located in Sydney Square just behind Town Hall Station, Poetry on The Block connects professional poets with high school aged students (Years 9 & 10) in June.

Final works by both professional and student poets will be visually interpreted by design students from Billy Blue College with the finished artworks set to spring into the city streets via City of Sydney ‘Showoff Bank’, part of the City's Creative Hoardings program. 

Poetry on The Block will celebrate creativity, self-expression, the buzz of community and the energy kindled within a cityscape.

2019 Events

St Andrew's Cathedral School
13 and 20 June 2019

Partners and Supporters