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The Red Room Company will partner with the Western Sydney University Young Writers' Day (14th September 2015) to present four exciting writing workshops, run by some of our best poets, to school students of Western Sydney. The WSU Young Writers' Day aims to raise the profile of writing, recognise the talent of local students, and give students the opportunity to meet and learn from established authors in the company of like-minded peers. The workshops will be:

Point of View, presented by Pip Smith
So you have an idea for a story, but how are you going to tell it? In this workshop we will explore the effects different perspectives and points of view can have on the telling of the same story.

Stuck on You: Collage Poetry, presented by Toby Fitch
The word collage comes from the French verb coller and refers literally to 'pasting, sticking, or gluing,' as in the application of wallpaper. In French, 'collage' is also slang for an affair, a liaison, or an adventure. This workshop is a hands-on poetry free-for-all — a class of experimentation that will teach you the subversive act of collage writing and how to do it ethically. 

Triggers to Interior Worlds, presented by Richard James Allen
You know you want to write. You feel you could be a writer. But what is it your want to write about? What is it you really have to say? The urge to write but the struggle to define one’s subject is addressed in this workshop by multi-award-winning writer/director Dr Richard James Allen. While the examples explored will be from poetry, this workshop can be taken by writers in any genre who wish to unlock their creative potential.

Visual Storytelling: Unusual ways of locating narrative and meaning, presented by Lilly Blue
A series of rapid fire creative writing and drawing exercises that open new ways of seeing text and language as a visual element. In what ways can words become an artwork in themselves?

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