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Red Room Poetry’s Youth Unlocked collaborates with students, teachers and educational communities in Behavioural Intervention Centres and Juvenile Justice Centres to deepen encounters with poetry.

In 2019 in a series of four workshops across May and June, RR poet Kirli Saunders and artist David Cragg collaborated with students at Coreen School to create original poems both individually and in groups. These workshops focused on themes of community, family and belonging, as well as connection to the Earth with First Nations perspectives. Workshops were held on 21 May, 28 May 21, 4 June and 11 June 2019.

Students will work to turn poetry into poetic art, utilise Virtual Reality headsets, and virtually spray their poems to create their pieces. David Cragg will also create a mural at the school, incorporating both the written and visual work created by the students. 

Read the student poems here.


Students who participated in this program were highly motivated and we saw an increase of attendance on those days. As a school we saw huge benefits for our students. They connected through culture and country and spoke with pride about the work they were creating. Our program co-ordinator Kirli was fantastic working with our student. Her approach can only be explained as second to none."   

~ Timothy Lorking, Assistant Principal at Coreen School