A fire-breathing lizard, sitting on some wood
on my highest shelf, that is where you stood.
Silver and black, they've faded over your scales
some areas are bleak, while others are pale

Why do you scowl? Your posture is so calm.
You are small, delicate, you are a bit bigger than my palm.
You keep me safe, as well as my treasures
to protect us from evil, you don't need to take great measures.

I feel your scales, bumpy and rough,
the spikes on your spine make you look tough.
Sharp, pointy teeth, you have quite a few.
So much detail has been put into you.

Your tail curls to the front, a pointed arrow at the end
your body is fairly straight, except a slight bend
your hands and feet are exactly the same,
thin and claw-like, they scare, that's the aim.
You are as fearless as a real dragon when light becomes dark
and if from your snout could come just one remark,
you would snarl what is engraved on your shiny plaque:
Guarded By Dragons.

Guarded By Dragons

By Aaliyah (Year 7)

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