Sniff. Scratch. Stare.
She munches on her brunch with some kind of hunch,
Looking, laughing, a shine in her eyes,
That drifting dandelion scent, the cloud of black fuzz –
the most velvet black fuzz you’ve ever seen in your life!

The pitter-patter of her paws is like the sound of tiny pins falling,
One by one,
In a fast paced race to get to that place
She knows before anyone, or anything else.
Look at her fly! Fly across the ground –
Paws’ racing, paws placing, paws forever pounding,

So innocent, so young,
she was just like candyfloss and sun,
Or maybe rainbows and bird calls mixed into one.

So I’ve loved her always,
That little black one,
And for sure she’ll be in heaven,
For she has a place in my heart.
Forever and always, my little Bullet,
I love you. Without a doubt.

Bullet the rabbit

By Melarn (Year 8)

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