Looking at it I can remember now …
Waking up early, very early, early enough to see the sunrise
It’s beautiful, orange shining from behind, with yellow surrounding it like a barrier
It’s getting later in the morning, time to see the view trees separating the glimmering, blue river
With a completely blue sky, not a cloud in sight.
The silence of the atmosphere and hearing the river crash against the rocks
Like a car crash is sounding very peaceful
Birds chirping on top of the trees altogether like a song.
The melody of the green and white birds, the white as white as snow and the green
Only on the heads and wings the green as
Green as grass, making a perfect sound with
The pink and grey birds, grey as grey as stormy day.
Finally the day has ended I go home and will never forget it.

The Memory of my Picture

By Lia (Year 6)

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