It carries me up,
then carries me down.
I close my eyes and feel the light breeze brushing on my body and through my hair.
The ends of my hair dancing around like two ballerina’s.
My heart beat rising every time I go higher, but slowing back down with quiet relief
when my feet sweep the ground.
My arms wave through the air like an aeroplane,
my head arched back, eyes closed, and a smile fixed on my face.
The whistling of the birds, and the rustle of the leaves ring through my ears.
My mind escapes wandering, wondering, exploring the freedom of my childhood place.
Now it is gone,
replaced with something new.
It is fast and propelled by gravity.
Zooming through the forest, with screams that match the wheels of those who ride it,
flying like a fox through the air.
But I will always miss the rhythm of my swing
and I still feel it’s heartbeat that repeats in my mind.
I will miss it dearly, I still have memories.
The swing that once was mine.

My Swing

By Zara (Year 8)

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