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 My cat is special, small and sweet
 He is playful when he is not asleep
 He’s a big bundle of joy covered in
 Fur that he keep every so neat
 Gentle yet aggressive,
 Curious yet lazy,
 Playful yet sleepy,
 Whenever your sad or down, 
  Do not worry kitty is always around
  My cat has light grey fur with a small 
  pointed ears and cute little noise
 He has beautiful green eyes that lights up in the dark of night,
 He loves the outdoors but hates water,
 He has cute, soft paws but very sharp claws
 Whenever he is angry his tail fluffs up 
 He likes to sleep on my dad’s head 
 Whenever my dad’s fast asleep in his bed  My cat is only 3 years old but still acts like a kitten 
 This is my special object, my curious little cat