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Billions on the Earth
Stamped, skipped, dumped, disregarded
Originating from my Country
This one has a story, my story
Unloved by many, loved by me

Red, Yellow, Black, my country
Red represents my land
Yellow, my sun
Black, my people
Unloved by many, loved by me

Here I stand, heart in hand
An Aboriginal son of Tasmanian land
A powerful message sculpted in stone
A message I will always remember
Unloved by many, loved by me

This poem was highly commended for Poetry Object 2019

'On first reading this piece the words struck me as lyrics. There’s a definite rhythm, a beat that comes through the page.  The lines have an anthem like quality that lends it to be both read and sung simultaneously. The repetition of ‘Unloved by many, loved by me’ bells like a chorus. The way the poet describes himself a ‘son’ of the land is so powerful, a detail that connects us to both him and Tasmania. Outstanding work.'
~ Emilie Zoey Baker, Judge, Poetry Object 2019