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By Zhouyan (Year 9, Balwyn High School, 2019)

Homeless stars crying in the dark sky
The lonely pain screams in the sympathetic night
I lay myself down
On the concrete inside the shell of being proud
The dusts are waiting in the colourful shadow under the light from a kind lamp
They are looking for a girl in blue
When the shadow is gone
The dusts move away to find another shadow to wait in
I pressed the hopeful triangle on the screen
Then put him close to my ears
Shiny music lights up the candle in my heart
I hear nostalgia keeps playing in my brain
Singing the song of the good old future
The unexpected excitement blooms in my mind
Bring me back to the hometown far away
I smell my favourite tomato soup made by my grandfather
I saw my parents smiling at my achievement
I put him down and walk out of the small shell I made by myself
The sound of the memory defeats the desperate mind
He finished his mission of bringing happiness to my life