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By St Andrew's Cathedral School students (Year 9, St Andrew's Cathedral School, Poetry on The Block)

Heavy feet and heavier dreams
A city left unclean
Pale people with unmatching clothes
Into the rabbit hole 
Blinding lights and the roar of machines
There are those who beg for support 
Never slow nor calm
No sound belongs there
The silent shouting business marches on
It draws you in then throws you out
You work until you rot
Today we live the same as all others
Breathe the smog of the tattered ashes
The curtain drops on blinding city waves
Conversations seen and not 
A sudden storm of people blocks the sunlight’s touch
Perching from the highest
Figures shimmer under the stage
Lovely girls with gentle hearts
And evil boys with pretty schemes 
How full it always is
They don’t know
Their own place with their own timing
Each tree holds its value dead
Quiet waters as the ferry flicks away
Every person with a different heritage
New people in the familiar blue bus
Without this it would be a sleeping city, never to wake
Bewitching sounds whisper next to my ear
The cold bite of a concrete garden
I plug myself in, drifting away from the now
Who are the ones who live?

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