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This young girl feels lucky to survive;                                  
Shivering against the cold breeze she strives for her life.
Greatly deprived of food and education,
Hand stretched out, seeking for a donation,
Passer-by’s don’t even make eye contact as if she was some sort of mutation.
She lives life tough in an uncompassionate society.
“Why do you ignore me?” she asks in her head.
You go about your luxurious lives while leaving me to my concrete bed.
Never accepted or respected
Humans have perfected the art of turning a shoulder on their own species
Whether that’s because of their ethnicity, ill-health or gender
Is it even on their agenda to show some support?
I am deprived because of how society is organised.
It was constructed to build up the wealthy but tear down the poor,
Till we’re down on the floor,
Our possessions no more.
A skyscraper towered above her 
Owned by a man with stature; he had been born with a silver spoon in hand,
Money and accommodation were never really in demand.
With his many years of education and just a little bit of dedication
He was provided with everything he needed for a joyous life and so he thrived.
He knew that he was fortunate to be inside a cosy, heated room,
Fortunate to consume nutritious food whenever he decided to,
Fortunate to never be booed or cause a feud because of the way he was.
But deep down he was aware, that when he became wealthier, he was taking from the poor.
He was a bystander, observing all the destruction occur but his actions were obscure
Why wasn’t he taking action?
On his walk home that day, he spotted a young girl on the street.
She wore torn pieces of cloth, her head down and tears flowing down her cheeks.
The man knew that he couldn’t be a bystander any longer,
He started up a conversation with her and offered her some food.
They may’ve lived their lives apart, but they were still the same at heart
Both chasing after a happy life, but he was given a head start.


This poem was created and performed by students as part of OutLoud Eco!Slam 2019.

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