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Ngaya wayagadi down at the nguru

By Logan Year 7, Samantha Year 8, Lara Year 9 (Year 9, Glenmore Park High School)

Dharra-nga there, I could Ngara the squaking of the budjaan-bulali and the cracking of the dried djarambunga and sticks as they break under the weight of our bodies, I could ...


Nguru and Bangawangaal

By Imogene, Madyson, Bella and Tyler, Years 8 and 10 (Year 10, Glenmore Park High School)

Nguru and Bangawangaal Gandi rises and embers fall like bana. The ganbi lick the darundanj clean and eat away at the dry dead djarambunga Ngia feel connected to the nguru ...


Budjaan, bugs Djarambunga gurgama

By Edgelena Year 7, Ian Year 9, Vanessa Year 9, Ethan Year 10 (Glenmore Park High School)

Budjaan, bugs, Djarambunga gurgama, truck pass. Garabang, gundu, gurgama, budjaan. crickets Ngayagang Yiraman garabun budjaan and gundu Ngay was calm Yet the howl of the brisk guragama brushing past deep ...


Gundu Swaying

By Ebony, Curtis, Toby – Years 8 and 9 (Year 8, Richmond High School)

The Gundu swaying in the yiraman rays of the wuri the djitti Djitti in the gundu The naway youth and our hope for buradja future and the Djarambunga falling are ...


Ngia Ngara

By Aliccia, Jonhathan, Jayden and Kyle- Year 9 and 10 (Year 10, Richmond High School)

The sound of the budjaan chirping in the gundu Ngia ngara the djarambunga brushing against each other in the gundu Ngayagang connected to the nguru through ngouw and djumbaga. The ...



By Kayrton (Year 9, None)

Manda a bus to the City Budjaan are the messengers The Budyaang is the messenger for our people Budyaang bring in our news Catch a bus to the city Birds ...