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Muse @ Taronga poetry and art exhibition

During July, Taronga Zoo Sydney plays host to MUSE @ Taronga – an outdoor exhibition featuring contemporary and traditional installation-based artworks created by environmentally driven and emerging First Nations artists, including RR poets Ali Cobby Eckermann and Joel Davison.

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Submissions closing September

Submit to Poetry Object 2019!

We warmly invite teachers and students to enter Poetry Object, Australasia’s largest free poetry-writing competition, with over $10,000 in prizes to be won. The competition ignites imaginations by inviting young writers (Years 3-10) and their teachers to create poems inspired by special or talismanic objects.

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Keep languages alive

Celebrating Poetry in First Languages in the Year of Indigenous Languages

Help us keep First Nations languages alive through workshops that connect First Nations poets, Elders, Languages Custodians and young people to create poetry. Donate to Poetry in First Languages via our support us page.

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