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Poetry Object

Announcing the winners of Poetry Object 2019!

After months spent poring over poems about precious objects, the winners of Poetry Object 2019 were announced during a live-stream video event on Thursday 28 November in partnership with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

Our warmest congratulations to Taiyeon, Lucia, Peter and all other prizewinning poets! 

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Extinction Elegies

Saving endangered species through poetry

In awareness of Australia’s 300+ threatened animals and plants, we invite you to write a poem about an endangered Australian animal or plant. For every poem we receive, we’ll give $1 to Rewilding Australia to help save our quolls, devils and dingoes. Send your poem to

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The Year of Indigenous Languages

Celebrating Poetry in First Languages

Help us keep First Nations languages alive through workshops that connect First Nations poets, Elders, Languages Custodians and young people to create poetry. Donate to Poetry in First Languages via our support us page.

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