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Sydney Town Hall Tree

By The Disappearing Public Submissions

By Steve Denham


In my teens, Sydney’s flora
brushed the inner city and CBD
with green - but the first tree
I really ‘saw’ ...
curtsying to a zephyr at the ...



By The Disappearing Public Submissions

By Stephen Thomas 


Wind rushes through the car
Shadows carpet the road
A narrow line of jagged grey
Curls through the trees
A house nestled in the slopes
The world ...


The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »

Missing Persons

By Adam Aitken

From Tokyo to the Gold Coast they’d come. They were in the
papers, instant scoop, apologising, and on the box. In the
lunch break we talked about the old ...


Glimpses and ghosts on Larakia land

By Kaye Aldenhoven

The Pix, forbidden by Nanna, so I was forced to sneakiness,
gave me first glimpses of Fannie Bay - scandalous gaol in far Darwin.
Prisoners chained to each other, wearing only ...


St. Kilda

By Ali Alizadeh

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By Richard James Allen

someone in your family once read my novel
or maybe studied it at school
I found an old copy
an early Penguin edition
down behind the back row of books ...


The Report

By Richard James Allen

You sit down to write a report entitled,
“How is it possible for one person to kill another?”
An hour later you wander off into the streets,
leaving a blank ...


At Eucla

By Cathy Altmann

She approaches the telegraph station at Eucla.
The honeycomb colour of its blocks
rising from the whiteness of the sand.

Her feet make soft indentations in the dune
as she ...


Gethsemane at the Bowl

By Cathy Altmann

(after the monoprint by Michael Donnelly)

Stars empty themselves –
no show tonight.

The Bowl opens its mouth
and your teeth shudder.

The ground contracts with cold:
you’re trembling.
Your ...


What Ingrid Bergman Wanted

By Ivy Alvarez

Because the river is never still enough to reflect the sky,
I want to stay. I want to say
to strangers, who say I love you, it’s untrue.
The ...



By Eunice Andrada


It must have been after the sermon wrung us dry—
his lungs an emptying congregation
as I mouthed sins into my fingers then
awaited penance or  purity
which is ...

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Two Souls Had Their Rendezvous

By Maryam Azam

The souls had their rendezvous: those who liked each other then, love here; those who remained strangers then, do not join here Prophet Muhammad S.

The first time we met ...

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Al Bakery

By Luke Beesley

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By Miro Bilbrough

I            can              see             why              you           photographed             it
the rubble pile in your living room that was once a fireplace, its crude metal
mouth  flue  stripped  back  to  raw  in  the ...

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Nightpoems 13/7/2010

By Peter Boyle

        Tonight there is no one else in the house. Birdless treeless night, I slip dead alarm clocks
        into my pockets before going to bed. When the walls collapse I walk ...


Mr Fucking Rocket tires of saving for a mortgage

By Susan Bradley Smith

I thought things were wrong:
it manifested in me buying
and wearing Ulysses blue
eyeshadow. It didn’t suit
me. One day I stared into
the mirror at the caked ...