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it’s wrong to kill an eagle the old man said
staring up at the sky through his tears
orbs of spirit shining where eagles once flew

~ from 'It's Just So Wrong!' by Ali Cobby Eckermann

Red Room Poetry is collaborating with Durham and Sheffield Universities and the Centre for the History of Emotions to develop a series of trans-national poetic commissions entitled Extinction Elegies

Extinctions reminds us how human life is implicated in the life of others as many spectacular, beautiful and iconic species have disappeared over the past few centuries. In response, six Australian poets have been commissioned to take the elegy — traditionally limited to seriously reflecting on loss within the realm of human experience — and transform it through their lyrical attention to the more-than-human world. Poems will be published, broadcast and used to inspired learning resources. 
By giving voice to losses of the non-human world, Extinction Elegies encourages awareness, attention and action through poetry. 


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