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slip off the concrete boots of your dreams

~ from 'The Lactic Acid in the Calves of Your Despair' by Ali Whitelock (Wakefield Press, 2020)

What is a poet without an audience? What is a new book without hands to hold it up to the light? The outbreak of COVID-19 has meant the cancellation of live poetry events and writing festivals Australia wide, resulting in many poets and their publishers losing income and key opportunities to showcase new work, not to mention build readerships and celebrate the words beyond print.
To offer a little relief in response to this, Red Room Poetry and Oranges & Sardines Foundation are collaborating to create a free digital collection featuring up to 100 poems by poets whose recent, current or forthcoming release has been directly affected by the current closure of live events.  


Get poems In Your Hands

This is a callout to all Australian poets who have had launches, feature readings or festivals appearances connected to their most recent or debut book cancelled between 1 March and 1 July 2020. We invite individual poets and/or their publishers to directly submit a poem published in their most recent collection for possible inclusion in the electronic anthology In Your Hands. 100 poems will be selected and each poet will be paid $60 for the publication of a previously published poem.

Submissions close 5pm Thursday 9 April. 

In Your Hands will be live-stream launched on Thursday 30 April, with further details coming soon. We look forward to joining you in your living room for a poetry party to toast the poets, readers, bookstores, imprints, festivals and organisations that make our community shine despite this present darkness.

For any inquiries, please contact

Partners and Supporters

In Your Hands is generously supported by the Oranges & Sardines Foundation and the following: