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It’s like I’m walking half asleep eyes closed.
Meanwhile the streets lie choked
by fumes and pollution as we breathe 
tight tokes of the deep white smoke.
The lungs of my city are congested. 
It’s arteries are blocked. Gridlocked.

~ from 'City Boy' by Mantra

OutLoud is a spoken word poetry slam competition run by Australian Poetry in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Express Media (the national young writers’ organisation) and Red Room Poetry.

Stemming from Red Room Poetry's New Shoots project, OutLoud encourages primary and secondary students to create poems inspired by the new theme of environmental sustainability.

In its model, schools enter teams of up to four students who create, rehearse and then perform an original slam poem to a team of professional judges. 


Winners 2018

Congratulations to St Albans Secondary College!

Akegma Arok and Shalom Tiatia, a team of two from Year 10 at St Albans Secondary College, brought their fiercest and best performance to take out the title of OutLoud Eco!Slam winners for 2018, speaking their truths on equality to deliver a message to society.

Watch their winning performance

How it went down...

The 2018 OutLoud Eco!Slam Final took place on Tuesday 28 August at 1.45pm – 2.45pm, Deakin Edge @ Federation Square. Victoria's finest and fiercest spoken-wordsters battled it out in the grand final of OutLoud Eco!Slam, Australia’s best teen-team slam competition.

Watch the performances from the heats and finalists

Positive impact

'Poetry in itself was a whole new world for me. As it is an art form of speech that requires you to be able to speak your mind and to express your views through literature and the use of rhyme and rhythm. I am generally a very shy person and not really good with being in front of an audience, but doing poetry and going through the Outloud comp has made me feel more comfortable in front of audiences.'

~ Shalom, 2018 Eco!Slam winner, St Albans Secondary College, Year 10

'My poetic adventures have just begun and I hope to continue influencing others through my words and enabling them to find deeper meanings and purposes to their own lives and dreams.'

~ Akegma, 2018 Eco!Slam winner, St Albans Secondary College, Year 10

Akegma and Shalom speak their experiences from the heart. They are well-respected students within St Albans Secondary College and we're all so happy for them to be able to pursue their dreams. And we're thankful they were given the opportunity to shine through the OutLoud competition.

~ Vicki Bunce, Akegma and Shalom's teacher

Partners and Supporters