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By Mia and Rheanna (Year 11, Carey Baptist Grammar School)

Hey! My name is Rheanna And I’m Mia. At school I’d play footy with the boys, Instead of playing with the classic girly toys. And if I was too good ...


I have a dream

By Genevieve, Emma, Aimee and Chiara (Year 8, Haileybury School)

I have a dream That I will swim with coloured coral For I dived into the cool embrace of the brilliance of the largest arms of nature, But the Great ...


Dear Prime Minister

By Ella, Lily-Rose and Yanan (Year 9, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School)

‘Mummy, what did coral look like? Did polar bears really exist? Was the sky ever blue? Mummy, where are all the stars? When did all the trees die? Why can’t ...



By Aaron and Scott (Year 9, Melbourne High School)

This young girl feels lucky to survive; Shivering against the cold breeze she strives for her life. Greatly deprived of food and education, Hand stretched out, seeking for a donation, ...


I have a question

By Zhoujing, Neha, Ruth and Upani (Year 11, Nossal High School)

I have a question. When you say, ‘go back to your country’, what do you mean? Because I was born here but my parents weren’t and I wasn’t born in ...